Centro Olistico Airone - comfort

The Holistic Center Airone is dedicated to all those who wish to regain  its psychophysical balance through deep relaxation to a holistic massage.

Take a break away from the frenetic rhythms and the stress of everyday life.

Come in a familiar and comfortable place where you can enjoy the friendly welcome, the calmness and the pure wellness, all those are the priorities that characterise our Center.

Give your wellness to your body and your mind.

Our Center offer lots of holistic solution for your well being. We’re here to look after you from the inside out. With Sport Massage, Relax massage, Gong Baths, Meditation and a whole host of treatments,the Holistic Center Airone is a cosy home where you can relax, recharge and revitalise. We have also a special couple treatment for who dreams to share this experience with the partner.

Via Pere, 1/B, Semonzo di Borso del Grappa 31030