Gustagiro 2018 Semonzo - Borso del Grappa
Monday, 02 April 2018

Gustagiro 2018 monday 2nd april 2018 - 19th edition Semonzo (Borso del Grappa)

We are waiting for you on monday 2nd of april at 'sede degli alpini' to celebrate with Gustagiro "Luni de Pasquetta tra fugasse e ovi"

GUSTAGIRO means walking down Semonzo’s streets tasting the local typical food (sopressa and pancetta, focacce, traditional cakes, wines from Valdobbiadene and Piave) during the way.






On Monday 2nd of April 2018

  • from 9am delivery of maps for walking rout
  • you can start at every time
  • the route is marked by specific signs
  • special meals are located in 5 different location until 5.30pm

mappa gustagiro 2018 semonzoRoutes

1 - Sede degli Alpini

2 - Cà Frison
here you could taste the following specialities: soppressa, pancetta, porchetta, “fasoi in salsa” (fagioli in salsa) and patate fritte.

3 - Valle Santa Felicita
a full immersion on the nature of the Valle where you could eat bruschette with local typical oil

4 - Via Semonzetto, Palazzo Grimani
next to Palazzo Grimani many different types of cheese of Grappa with polenta and frittata will be serviced

5 - Via dei Portoni
that’s the end of the walking route with special desserts from Grappa and Pedemontana: panna and storti, strudel, crostate and dolci casalinghi.

In every location boiled eggs, focaccia, Prosecco, Valdobbiadene and Cabernet wines will be served at any time.

Good to know:

  • The route is located in both dirt and paved roads and not so much crowded
  • Parkers will be available to show you where to park
  • You can choose whatever route you’d like to do
  • At the first location maps will be delivered
  • You don’t need to pay a ticket, every meals are served by free offer and independent in every location.

For info:
Renato 0423 56 16 63 - 
Gianpaolo 0423 56 14 74