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Coronavirus alert: the situation

Our activity is suspended

Our Flight Area is CLOSED 

Since March 10th, the whole Italian territory is subject to particular regulation to limit covid-19 contagion by this presidential decree.

It's time to stop and step back to help our country to face the emegency and to rise again stonger than ever.

So, our activity is suspended and our offices and areas are closed. Flight activity is forbidden!

Friday, 01 November 2019

Autumn in Monte Grappa: taste and tradition!

Summer has just ended leaving us with sweet memories but there is not time for sadness: air refreshes and natures dress up with thousands of colours. Mountains and hills provide fruits that will enrich our tables! Autumn in the land of Monte Grappa and Asolo Hills is a real feast for eyes and tummies!

The amazing race for bikers comes back! Die Tour Transalp auf dem Monte Grappa ist wieder da!

Montegrappa Transalp 2020

Two stages will be set on the Monte Grappa area in June 2020. Unser Gebiet wird im Juni 2020 der Protagonist von zwei Etappen sein!

We are so glad to host again the great Tour Transalp in our territory. We are proud that the organizing team chose Monte Grappa for two stages, which confirms us that our montain is a great area for bike lovers! 


EN: If you are a participant to the 2020 Tour Transalp check out below our recommended accommodation!

DE: Wenn Sie Teilnehmer der 2020 Transalp-Tour sind, finden Sie unten unsere empfohlenen Unterk├╝nfte!

Friday, 29 November 2019

Winter Holiday on Monte Grappa

What are you looking for? Enchanting towns with typical markets? Outdoor sports into nature? Delicious food and great feasts? Art, culture and tradition? We've got the answer! Come and visit Monte Grappa! Here you'll find this and much more, in the heart of the Italian North-East, midway from Venice and the Dolomites. Take a look on the article and find out some tips about our territory!

Have you lost something? Have you found something?

Monte Grappa Lost & Found Facebook Group

An easy way to keep in touch with who is in the area that may have found what you've lost or lost what you've found!

Monte Grappa Green Summer

Tasty cheese, great excursions, amazing views... into nature!

Spring brought us a lot of water and a few snow. Now the mountain is waking up, turning green and waiting for you!

The farmer moved the cattles up and stated to produce their fine and tasty cheese, the trails and paths are now ready to be explored, the blue sky is waiting to be sailed by the colored gliders, the flowers are blossoming, so what are you waiting for?

Check out all the Monte Grappa incredibles opportunities!

Indoor Climbing Wall in Borso del Grappa

Since 2019 Borso del Grappa town gym hall is equipped with an indoor climbing wall managed by Orizzonti Verticali Association.
The structure permit to climbers to train and practice even with dark or rain outside and to non-expert to make experience before going out for a cliff climb.

Landing Forbidden at Cima Grappa

Please Note that it is strictly forbidden to take-off and land in the Grappa Massif area higher that 1700 meters above sea level.
This area is identified in the Cima Grappa Memorial Monument and its neighbourhood. Take-off is possible only from the Panettone area. The Cima Grappa area is sacred and must be respected.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Tour Transalp Crespano 2018 through Monte Grappa territory

And eventually Tour Transalp 2018 pass through Monte Grappa territory leading its 800 athletes to discover our beautiful land!

The most fascinating and spectacular amateur stage race across Europe gave us the huge opportunity to let new people appreciate our area.

This has been recognized by Veneto Region who gave its patronage to the Crespano del Grappa stage. 

L'Antica Abbazia open every day

Here's a great news we'd like to share with you.

From June we will be open everyday also at lunch time!

Quick and tasty meals

Our proposal consists in fast dishes, quality delicacies at a compact price thought for you!

More info: L'Antica Abbazia

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