SP140 closed from Col Serai due to landslide

WARNING! Strada Gen. Giardino sp140 (from Semonzo to Cima Grappa) closed from Col Serai due to landslide.

The severe storms of June 9th and 10th caused a rockfall near Cornosega tunnels, the Provincial Road SP140 from Semonzo di Borso del Grappa to Cima Grappa is closed to traffic in the stretch of road between km 9 + 900 and km 11 + 500.

However, it is possible to reach Stella Alpina, Tappeti, Pedana Delta and Casette take-offs.

In order to reach Campocroce area, you can drive along the internal road of Col Serai. As a gravel road it is advisable to use suitable means.

We suggest to use the Cadorna SP148 from Romano d'Ezzelino to reach Panettone and Cima Grappa.