Carnival of Venice
Thursday, 08 February 2018 - Tuesday, 13 February 2018

The Carnival of Venice: many events not to be missed

The tradition of “Volo dell’Angelo” (flight of the Angel), Sunday, February 4, has kicked off the Venice Carnival 2018, but there are many costume appointments that wait for us in the next two weeks! We cannot miss them!

Before going into the busy program for the 2018 edition of the Venice Carnival, let's take a dip in the past, to find out what the ancient origins of this colorful and joyous festival are.

The first historical record referring to the Venice Carnival festival dates back to 900 years ago.

The Carnival represented a period dedicated to fun and parties, granted by the Serenissima to the population in order to maintain, paradoxically, the social order, because, through masks and costumes, the anonymity of the social classes were guaranteed.

Many artists poured into the Venetian streets, from jugglers to musicians, and for this reason there were always shows and performances from the period after Christmas to Ash Wednesday.

Even mockeries and jokes regarding aristocracy were tolerated.

This "concession" however, soon provoked the opposite of the desired effect, to the point that, with the fall of the Serenissima in 1797, the Carnival costumes were completely forbidden, due to the situations of harassment and robbery that occurred by ill-intentioned people who used masks as as excuse to operate in anonymity.

We have to wait until 1967 to find again the first parties with masks and costumes, which slowly brought back to life the charming traditions and wonderful history of the Venice Carnival.

Today the Carnival festival lasts about ten days and matches the pre-Easter period.

It must be said that, in Venice, the carnival fever creeps into the streets much earlier and, perhaps, never ceases throughout the year.

What’s on in the next days in Venice?

If you missed “Volo dell’Angelo” of this year, which opened its doors to the Carnival 2018, with the beautiful Elisa Costantini, this week the celebrations continue and wait for you in Piazza San Marco, every day from 11.00 to 17.00 with competitions, master glassmakers and craftsmen who will thrill you by recreating the atmosphere of eighteenth-century Venice.

To reach Piazza San Marco from Bassano the train is, without a doubt, the fastest and most suitable means! In just over an hour you will arrive at Venice Santa Lucia station. From there you can enjoy the wonderful city of Venice on foot.

You can therefore enjoy the streets and alleys that, in this period, are full of colors, masks, music and sweets scent, absolutely bloody delicious.

Another spectacular "flight" not to be missed is “Volo dell’Aquila” (Eagle Flight), held on Sunday 11 February in Piazza San Marco.

It has not yet been unveiled who will play the Eagle of the Carnival 2018, but we will undoubtedly discover it in the next days!

Last appointment for Piazza San Marco, the beating heart of the Venice Carnival, is the conclusion of the carnival festival on Shrove Tuesday, which this year falls on February 13th, with the crowning of the Mary of Carnival 2018, whom will open next year festival!

carnevale bassano 2018Bassano fills with colors with the carnival party!

Also Bassano Del Grappa provides a busy schedule of events not to be missed during this period.

The Children's Carnival will take place on Saturday 10th February at Piazzale Cadorna, Centro Giovanile and, in the evening, we will see the beautiful nocturnal parade of allegorical floats and masked groups.

Carnival floats will parade in Bassano also on Sunday 11th February and, until Tuesday 13th, in Piazza Libertà, you will be able benefit of the workshop for the best makeup and hairstyles for the occasion!

There will certainly be music, choreography, the awards of the most beautiful carnival floats for 2018 and group dances in Piazza Libertà, on Shrove Tuesday.

We are waiting for you to celebrate with us this holiday season with sugar and entertainment with masks!