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Conquer patents for cycling and trail running

For sports enthusiasts, Monte Grappa is also a test with yourself. For bike lovers and trail runners the challenge becomes even more exciting thanks to the Grappa Patents.

Patent Montegrappa Trail Running

10 climbs, one goal, one star... you!

Challenge yourself and get a Montegrappa Trail Running Patent challenging yourself on ten climbs to Cima Grappa in the span of twelve months. Montegrappa Trail Running Patent is a certificate given to the trail runner who completes within a year the most important and challenging ten climbs of Mount Grappa. The Montegrappa Trail Running Patent is the expression a deep passion and a constant challenge with yourself.

To achieve this prestigious patent you need to run all the trails: they vary in difficulty, all have different starting points but still surrounding the Grappa Massif, all ending at Rifugio Bassano. The climb will be certified by a stamp affixed by the operators of public places at the starting point of each climb and then at the Rifugio Bassano in Cima Grappa. During the seasonal ending dinner, the awards and prizes will be given to the participants.


The Grappa Patent Trail Running comes from an idea of Federico Bisson, kinesiologist and trail running instructor. It was developed together with the Tourist Association "Vivere il Grappa" which, since 1997, promotes and qualifies tourism and economic activities of Monte Grappa and its foothills. The area, in fact, attracts visitors from more than 40 countries, with over 50,000 tourists per year choosing an accommodation in Borso del Grappa.

The 10 climbs are:

  • THE TURNING POINT, starting from the Valley of Seren, km. 14.26, altitude 1260 meters.
  • TOSELLA WEG, starting from Lake Corlo, km. 14.11, altitude 1570 meters.
  • THE ROAD OF CIPPI, from Cismon, km. 10.24, altitude 1480 meters.
  • THE SOLSTICE BATTLE, departing from San Nazario, km. 16.48, altitude 1740 meters.
  • BUSCO D'ORO, starting from the Antica Abbazia restaurant in Semonzo, km. 12.4, altitude 1450 meters.
  • GRAPPA'S GARDEN, starting from the trail n. 80, km. 10.76, altitude 1450 meters.
  • SACRED ROAD, from the path 151 Liberal St., km. 6.92, altitude 1110 meters.
  • A HOOK TO HEAVEN, starting from the path 105 (Covolo), km. 7.92, altitude 1130 meters.
  • THE WAY OF THE ALPINI, from Alano di Piave, km. 10.51, altitude 1500 meters.
  • HEROES TRAIL, from Schievenin, km. 13.75, altitude 1530 m.

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Grappa Patent for cyclists

Ten paved climbs with some thrilling slopes, crossing the Great War theatres along the same roads rode by the athletes of the Giro d’Italia. One single goal: the top. The unique environment that characterizes Grappa Massif constitutes a huge challenge with yourself: the conquest of Cima Grappa Patent. Stamping your climb at the start and then again on the top once reached Rifugio Bassano will let you mark your achievements. They will be validated during Fall with the prize giving for the gold, silver and bronze categories for those who have successfully completed 10, 7 and 3 climbs respectively.