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Tandem Paragliding
Flying has always been a human dream. Genius, dreamers, tramps, adventures men, young and old have always been dreaming about flying. Now everybody can do it, flying has never been so easy!

It is enough to be just a little curious and to be able to make few steps, and flying is available for anyone. And even if you are not able to walk you can fly, we have a wide experience and we can fly with everybody.
Give yourself a fantastic gift and fly with one of our professional tandem pilot in one of the most beautiful site in Europe.
Fly with Us!


Flying School
Flying has always been a human dream. We will help you to realize it.

Everything new, everything even more professional than ever. A new flying school was born from a cooperation between Airsports Montegrappa and Top Gliders d'Italia: a new staff, new materials, new teaching programs. Since ever Bassano is well known as one of the most beautiful flying site in the world, and our school is one of the most well known flying school in Italy. Now, with the new teaching staff, horizon get wider.
The wings for the students are all new, as for harnesses and rescues, and this happens to offer you maximum security in learning. Not only this: your skill will improve faster, more effective. Since the beginning, since the first little steps up to the first solo flights you will always be followed, individually, by our staff. There are several kind of flying courses: basic, advanced, SIV, tandem courses, XC courses. We can provide you assistance, repairs, rescue packing, full glider check, technical consulting. Always open, all year long.

Via Caose 22, Borso del Grappa 31030