Rafting on river BrentaA group of people rafting on river BrentaRafting, one of the most exciting activities to experience near Monte Grappaa woman tries to make a canoe ride on river BrentaA beautiful panorama of a snowy mountain

Adrenaline activities on the Brenta river

For centuries, The Brenta River has been a means for transporting logs from mountains to the flatland. It springs from the Lakes of Levico and Caldonazzo, crosses the town of Bassano del Grappa and continues towards the famous Riviera. Today is considered a gym for Olympic canoe champions and a theater for cool adventures for all the curious people who want to experience the thrill of its rapids. Canoeing, rafting, hydrospeed, you only need to choose how to descend its waters by discovering a sparkling, pristine environment, with its fauna and its unique flora, its caves, its underground springs and much more.

What can I try?

Rafting: Descent of a stretch of river in an inflatable boat accompanied by a guide. Different types of routes suitable for families or adrenaline-seeking groups of friends.

Canoe: Descent in a single canoe accompanied by an instructor along the rapids where the Italian Olympians train.

Hydrospeed: Adrenaline along the river: a ride immersed in the water, hooked to a special board, taking advantage of the speed of the rapids.