biposti parapendio vivereilgrappa01Two alpine skiers in the beautiful setting of a snowy mountain in VenetoA climber dropping from a rope while climbingA group of friends mountainbiking on the Venetian hills

Sports and activities for every season

Monte Grappa is a natural oasis and a true outdoor gym. The air currents that characterize the area provide limitless emotions to paragliding and hang gliding pilots in Veneto. The mountain’s rocky cliffs are a perfect climbing spot while its steep slopes serve as a challenging terrain for the two wheels lovers. Woods, pastures, mule tracks, the gentle slopes of the summit are an ideal location for a hiking surrounded by nature. Reaching the mountain top by foot, running, cycling, flying and enjoying the stunning panorama of the Veneto Plain provide a great satisfaction for all sports and nature lovers. In Winter, not far from Monte Grappa, you can ride long ski slopes and explore snowshoes paths. In Summer, the River Brenta becomes the perfect spot for river activities such as kayaking and rafting.