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Where to Eat and Leisure Ideas

Whether you are on the slopes of Monte Grappa for a day trip or for a longer stay, there are plenty of options you can choose from. Inns and restaurants where you can taste local products, hundreds of sports and cultural activities you can do, and many services to make your stay unforgettable!

Where to eat

Delighting the palate of their guests is something important for the Veneto hosts, who take this mission seriously. Whether it is serving fine wines, traditional lunches and dinner or gourmet cuisine, you will be surely satisfied with the flavors you will taste.

The typical cuisine of the area is particularly appreciated for its vegetables that, thanks to the mild climate, grow varied and lush, enriching the table in every season. Complete the menu with the best cured meats and cheeses and the worldwide renowned wines.

What to do

The name of our association, Vivere il Grappa, fully represents the idea of the mountain as not only to be visited, but to truly be experienced. From tandem paragliding flights to mountain biking tours, from snowshoeing in Winter to water sports in Summer, to wellness and tasting tours, our region has it all.


The list of services and activities offered by our associates to meet the needs of visitors and residents is almost endless. Find out who our partners are!

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