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Discover the stunning landscapes of the Pedemontana Veneta and the Dolomites from the sky, covering more than 200 kilometres and reaching Slovenia or Austria.

For paragliding and hang-gliding cross-country pilots, Borso del Grappa is a strategic, irreplaceable starting point. Its unique micro-climate allows pilots to complete distance flights all year round. The Pianura Padana plain is an ideal generator of thermals that are pushed against the steep mountains. Its fields, at the same time, always guarantee wide and safe landing areas. Borso del Grappa is a top destination for professional pilots who, particularly during the winter season, come to train here before the competitions. Monte Grappa offers a perfect mix of calm conditions, typical of the plain, and stronger ones generated by the mountain cliffs: the right place to improve the pilots’ technical skills.

EAST-BOUND Cross Country Flights

East-bound flights starting from Borso del Grappa and bordering the foothills of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia give you the opportunity to fly for over 200 kilometres, reaching Slovenia. To try this flight you will need a south- southwest wind. The first part, from Borso del Grappa until Meduno, is quite easy: anyway, remind that the area between Valdobbiadene and Monte Cesen is covered with vineyards making it difficult to land here. The part between Meduno and Gemona is more technical. After that, you will fly over a beautiful mountain area without any particular difficulty until the end of the flight. You will find several landing areas in Tolmin and Soviza.
Distance: 170 km approximately.

Please notice: east-bound flights are only feasible during the weekends, from Friday afternoon to Sunday, because of a notam that prohibits overflights of the NATO military base of Aviano during weekdays.

Another interesting east-bound option allows you to start and finish the flight in Borso del Grappa overflying some particularly beautiful mountain areas. Taking-off from Borso del Grappa head towards Monte Tomba. Once there, head north-east towards the Dolomites until you reach Feltre overflying the Valley of Belluno and Monte Avena. From there, head east towards Monte Dolada and try to reach the plain pointing Monte Cavallo. You will then go back west to Borso del Grappa overflying Vittorio Veneto, Revine and Valdobbiadene.
Distance: 140 km FAI triangle.

WEST-BOUND Cross Country Flights

West-bound flights are more technical and allow you to reach the Piccole Dolomiti and Monte Pasubio. From there, you can decide whether you want to go back east to Borso del Grappa or proceed towards Lake Garda or Trentino.

The first flight takes advantage of the morning breeze from east and the afternoon wind from west. Taking-off from Borso del Grappa heading west and bordering the foothills you will reach Monte Pasubio, right in the hearth of the Piccole Dolomiti. From there, you go back to Borso del Grappa heading east and then to Revine, trying to go back to Borso once again.
Distance: 180 km approximately.

To try the second flight option, head west towards Monte Novegno first and then to Monte Pasubio – Carega. You will then cross Monti Lessini and land near Lake Garda. Distance: 100 km approximately.

Please pay attention overflying Monti Lessini because of the scarcity of landing areas.

Once you reached Monte Pasubio you can decide to head north towards Folgaria, knowing that this choice implies an increasing difficulty. Once over Folgaria, you will cross the Valsugana Valley and overfly the Lagorai mountain chain. From there, you can decide whether you want to head north, towards Val di Fiemme, or west, towards Monte Avena, thus closing the triangle landing in Borso del Grappa.
Distance: 150 km approximately.

NORTH-BOUND Cross Country Flights

North-bound flights are particularly beautiful and allow you to reach Austria. Taking-off from Borso del Grappa head east towards Monte Tomba and then Monte Avena overflying the Valley of Belluno. From here, head towards San Martino Di Castrozza and Val di Fassa.
Proceed towards Val Gardena, Val Badia, Val Pusteria and reach the landing areas beyond the Austria border.
Distance: 160 km approximately.


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