Agreement with the non-profit organization Dolomiti Emergency to support rescue operations

dolomiti emergency escue operations

Consorzio Turistico is delighted to keep you abreast of its offers extension.
For months now, it is possible to subscribe to the non-profit organization Dolomiti Emergency at the FlyHouse near Garden Relais landing area. Dolomiti Emergency is a voluntary association that support rescue operations in mountain areas.

Not only for those who go hiking on Monte Grappa, but also for free flight lovers (paragliding and hang gliding), cycling and MTB fanatics, climbing enthusiasts, or fans of winter sports such as snowshoeing walks and all outdoor activities practiced in the various seasons.

Mountain safety and insurance coverage

In addition to making you an active part in spreading better safety on the territory, the subscription fee will include you within the "Rimborso spese per soccorso e trasporto (Refund for aid and transport expenses)" insurance coverage, that Dolomiti Emergency has drawn up with Unipol Assicurazioni - Agenzia Generale di Bolzano.

Refund for Aid and Transport Expenses in Details

The "REFUND FOR AID AND TRANSPORT EXPENSES" policy covers the costs of the research for missing people, rescue, recovery and transport carried out by any means, including helicopter use, taking place in the geographical territory of Europe.

Insurance coverage, which runs from the midnight (00.01 a.m.) of the day after the payment of the membership fee, is valid regardless of the activity pursued by the victim at the time of the accident, professional and competitive activities included.
The reimbursement will cover 90% of the required amount with a ceiling of € 20,000/year for injuries occurring abroad and € 15,000/year for injuries that occurred in Italy, of which € 2,700 for medical expenses related to the intervention.

For further informations:

Dolomiti Emergency Porpuses

  • Support the activities of SUEM 118 of Pieve di Cadore–Belluno and the emergency services and medical emergency connected to it
  • Promote information and education for a correct approach to the mountain environment;
  • Study and disseminate knowledge about the problems of health emergency and civil protection in mountain environments;
  • Contribute to the endowments of material and technical and specific equipment for emergency and first aid;
  • Promote the culture of prevention and safety as an essential component of the services offered by the mountain tourism operators;
  • Give services to its members within emergency environment and safety in the mountains;
  • IGive notions and principles for a proper management in case of medical emergencythrough the School of Education of Urgency and Medical Emergency "Falco".

We love our Monte Grappa and we want to make it a safer, welcoming and respected place.

Conszorzio is constantly looking for real and concrete solutions to protect mountain deovtees, and guarantee them a safe way to enjoy our territory. At the same time, it is important that tourists are aware of dangers and pitfalls the mountain can hide, so they will be prepared in times of need.

Prevention, awareness and respect for nature are the basis when it comes to have a good, proper time in the mountains.