Some people paragliding in the sky around Monte GrappaPhoto taken during Testival, an international paragliding competition in Veneto on Monte GrappaParaglider in the sky seen through the tree frondsA man hang-gliding in the VenetoA paraglider after paraglidingvolo in parapendio borso del grappa

Monte Grappa: Paragliding and hang-gliding in Veneto

Monte Grappa: Paragliding in one of the loveliest destinations for enthusiasts from all over Europe and beyond, will be an unforgettable experience. Thanks to some of its natural features, Monte Grappa is considered the Mecca of free-flight. It has easily reachable take-offs always clean from snow, about 300 flyable days a year, stable weather conditions and almost no strong winds. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced pilots, and a perfect starting point for those who want to embark on cross-country flights along the Veneto foothills to Slovenia and Austria. Eight take-offs, three landings, countless services and warm hospitality complete the picture of a perfect destination for all those who love paragliding and hang-gliding in Veneto.

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  • Our Take-Off Areas

    Our Take-Off Areas

    In Monte Grappa you will find many take-offs oriented in all directions to fly with any kind of wind, except the north wind, which blows rarely thanks to the protection provided by the alpine arch.

    South-oriented take-offs (Stella Alpina and Tappeti) are the most used and can be reached in about 15 minutes by shuttle vans. They are located at an altitude between 700 and 850 metres.

    The East-oriented (Antenne) and West-oriented (Casette) take-offs are wide grassy areas at an altitude of about 700 to 1000 metres.

    Dedicated to the hang-gliders is the Pedana Delta at 850 metres and the large take off Col Campeggia at 1080 metres, area especially dedicated to competition.

    Finally, the legendary take-off Panettone at 1563 meters allows flying close to Cima Grappa.

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  • Our Landing Areas

    Our Landing Areas

    In our flight area, you will find two large official landings (one of which usable by hang-gliders as well) and an emergency landing area (also intended for field activity and ground handling).

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  • Cross flights

    Cross flights

    Located in the center of the Veneto foothills, Monte Grappa is a great starting point for cross flights. You can fly both towards West and East for several kilometers without bumping inside a no fly zone, always taking advantage of the ascending currents that float on the mountains ridge. A theater for national and international competitions, our flying zone has given the competing pilots the opportunity to complete more than 100 kilometre-long tasks.

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  • What if I want to fly for the first time?

    What if I want to fly for the first time?

    Try this unforgettable emotion in complete safety with a two-seater paragliding or hang-gliding flight accompanied by experienced and qualified pilots!

    Tandem flight allows to approach this sport without having any previous experience, with the help of an experienced pilot. To start your adventure with the paraglider or hang-glider you just need to make a few steps together with the pilot during the take off. Without even noticing, you will be flying and enjoying the enchanting view, learning more about this exciting sport.

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  • Learning to fly

    Learning to fly

    Enroll into a flying school to get your license!

    The flight school allows you to obtain the license in just a few months, during which you will attend both theoretical and practical classes. The subjects of study include meteorology and aerodynamics, while the practical part is divided into groundwork practice and flying, always guided by the instructors.

    The exam session includes both a theoretical and a practical test and, if passed, allows you to get a flying license issued by the Aeroclub of Italy. Schools also offer advanced courses to further develop flight techniques and maneuvers.

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