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For cycling enthusiasts in Veneto – Monte Grappa bike!

Monte Grappa Road cycling

For cycling lovers Monte Grappa represents one of the most beloved challenges, thanks also to the passage, here, of various editions of the Giro d'Italia. Grappa region offers the most unique and rare feature for street sports: ten different asphalt climbs leading to the same goal: Cima Grappa. It is possible to complete them all by filling the Grappa Patent Notebook. In recent years, Grappa has also been home to the world's leading cycling amateur competition: the Transalp Tour.

Mountain Bike (MTB) Monte Grappa

Mountain bikers in Veneto will find Grappa a land full of possibilities. The Massif is the point of arrival of Via Mi.Gra., a path for MTB on Monte Grappa, which leads from Mittenwald, in Bavaria, all the way to our mountain. During the last few years Monte Grappa has also been in the spot light for several editions of the Craft Bike Transalp International Mountain Bike Race, during which the athletes challenged their climbing and downhill abilities along adventurous mule tracks.