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Flight as always suggested a charming idea of freedom.

Now anyone can enjoy this feeling, accompanied by pilots with years of flying experience, seeing the world from above in full safety. Just a couple of running steps, and the dream will come true.

Borso del Grappa is internationally renowned as the Mecca of free flying. Here, in fact, the flying season lasts all year long. Our many take-off and landing areas are oriented in all directions, making it possible to fly with any wind condition, and they are all easily reachable in just a few minutes by shuttle van. The landscape further encourages people from all over the world to fly here: pilots and passengers will fly calmly over the foothills of the Pedemontana Veneta and have the opportunity to admire its cultural, natural and historical richness from an exclusive point of view. Occasionally joined by the local birds of prey, you will have the unique opportunity to enjoy the breath-taking view of the colourful vineyards, the silent theatres of the First World War, the majestic Monte Grappa with its Shrine, the picturesque historical villages of Asolo, Possagno and Bassano del Grappa. On particularly clear days, the sparkling Venice Laguna can be easily seen at the horizon.

A tandem flight will give you the chance to appreciate all of this from a 360° perspective.

Paraglider and hang-glider tandem flights are suitable for people aged 10+ in good health conditions. All you need to bring is the enthusiasm, a pair of running shoes or trekking boots and comfortable clothes to keep you warm according to the temperature of the season. A must do for those who love freedom and adventure, and an experience to share with your friends, family and loved ones. By contacting one of our affiliated structures, you can book group flights to celebrate special moments such as birthdays, weddings and graduations. The pictures and videos that will be taken during the flight will remain as an unforgettable memory of the experience.

Our affiliated centres offer different kinds of flight: from the standard ones, dedicated to those who approach this experience for the first time, to the longer ones that will take you to discover the small yet infinite natural and cultural world of the Pedemontana Veneta foothills.

Once you landed, the area offers countless opportunity to enrich the experience: charming restaurants serving the delicacies of the local cuisine are just a few meters away from the landing areas, and welcoming hosting solutions give you the opportunity to get to know the local people and their traditions first hand. Bassano del Grappa, with its lively cultural life, is just around the corner: getting lost in its narrow roads, seen from the sky just minutes before, will be an experience you will cherish forever.


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