the Old bridge in Bassano del GrappaThe ossuary of Monte Grappa at sunset Frosted grass on Monte Grappa

How to live Monte Grappa through history , sports and nature

Monte Grappa to be discovered, immersed in nature, surrounded by history and culture. Monte Grappa to be tasted, with its perfumes and flavours. Monte Grappa to be lived, an outdoor gymnasium for sports lovers. On the portal you will find various solutions to spend the night, suggestions about outdoor activities activities, cultural events and shows. There is no shortage of touristic packages, each one with related travel proposals and offers for those who would like to seize the opportunity of a stay in this fantastic area.

Live Monte Grappa, and Live it Your Way!

Monte Grappa, history and nature

The Grappa’s Massif is situated in a strategic location: immerged into nature and surrounded by areas of landscape and cultural interest. Its peaks were the theatre of great battles during the Great War, while they are now a fertile soil for a rich flora and fauna as well as a very appreciated destination for athletes of many different disciplines. In this relatively small area you can find small enclosed fortresses, large towns rich in history and culture, native towns of some of the world’s most important artists. The tables of the houses and restaurants are laden with some of the most renowned and delicious cheeses and with local products of the soil Made in Italy.