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Learning to fly is easier than what you may think. All you need is a passion for freedom.

The flying license can be obtained by enrolling into a school certified by the Italian Aero Club and attending the courses until the final exams.

With its eight take-off and two landing areas and its unique microclimate, Pedemontana Veneta has always been one of the top destinations in Europe for flying schools. Year after year, all year round, dozens of paragliding schools from all over the world choose Monte Grappa as the perfect spot to teach their students how to fly safely over stunning landscapes. After the day lessons, the surroundings offer countless occasions for fun and relax for both the pilots and their families and friends. All our flying schools have highly qualified instructors with years of teaching experience. With them guiding you, you will get your license having fun in complete safety.

The programs may change slightly depending on the school you are enrol in, but some fundamental parts will be the same. At the beginning, you will get to know the wing and the gear in all their components. You will then start the practical part by learning how to control the wing on low hills: you will practice the pre-flight check and learn the take-off techniques. You will not fly during this part of the course: you will only be lifted by a couple of meters from the soil. The duration of this phase can vary, according to the ability and feeling of the student, from three to seven days. Once the instructor allows you to, you can start making tandem flights: you will receive precise instructions on what to do during all the phases of the flight and put them into practice accompanied by your instructor.

When you will be ready, you will start to fly alone. Remember this will only happen when you feel fully comfortable and confident about your skills. You will be radio-guided by the instructors and their assistants both at the take-off area and at the landing area. Of course, these first flights will be done during the calmest hours of the day to give you the opportunity to learn without fear. Along with the manoeuvres that you will have to perform at the exam, with the passing of time you will learn how to recognize the thermals that allow you to make longer flights. The minimum number of flights to be admitted to the exam session is thirty. Anyway, this number may increase if the instructor suggests you to practice a little bit more.

Together with the practical part, you will start the theoretical lessons. You will be taught subjects such as meteorology, aerodynamics, legislation and flying techniques. You will do mock exams to become familiar with the written exam structure.

Once the instructor allows you to sign up for the final evaluation, together you will choose a date among those scheduled by the Italian Aero Club. Two external examiners will evaluate your technical abilities during all the phases of the flight. You will be asked to perform the take-off, some manoeuvers during the flight and a correct landing autonomously. A written test will be delivered after the practical evaluation.

The duration of the course can vary according to the weather conditions and the availability of the pilot. Usually, it takes from three to six months to get your license. Our schools are open all year round. Some of them offer courses also during weekdays to meet the needs of those who can only dedicate a limited amount of time to the course.

Once you passed the final exam, the Italian Aero Club will issue an internationally accepted flying license. From that moment on, you will be able to enjoy the overwhelming pleasure of free flight every time you feel like to.


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