ASD Brevetto for Monte Grappa - Associazioni Sportive

Is call Brevetto for Monte Grappa where the term for, means the ambition to attract the international interests of sport activities that could be done at the highest level in this big mountain and that consent to obtain official awards denominated with the term of BREVETTI.
It exists since 10 years, initiative dedicate to climbers that with a racing bike wants to face the climbs and certificate with the personal notebook, that after will be approved at the end of the season, to have covered the demanding streets which conduct  to the top of Monte Grappa and that we have called: “the 10 climbs of the life”.
But, from 2020,  also others Brevetti will be available with the same conditions and with the same soul like the original but dedicate to other sports activities. For example mountain bike,
that will be name Brevetto del Monte Grappa MTBIKE.

Via De Gasperi, 10/D int. 4, Tombolo 35019