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Peas of the family of Pisum Sativum L.
Variety: Nano, Rondo, Progress 9, Star 9.

Product Description: Characterized by its gentle sweetness and delicate flavor.

Area of production: Foothills area near Borso del Grappa. The peas are cultivated using organic methods using the system of the three-year crops rotation with the use of cattle livestock. Seeding takes place directly in the field, in spring or autumn, then a selection of pea pods is harvested.

The season: From late May until the third week of June.

Brief History: Only recently commercial crops of this product has been rediscovered. Widespread in the pre-industrial era - when it used to be sold at the neighboring markets of Crespano, Asolo and Bassano - it has suffered a halt after the 1950s, following the progressive abandonment of local agriculture, only being produced for household use. However, starting from 1983, an association has started promoting this particular pea through a series of initiatives aimed to bring back its production on a large-scale, becoming once again a highly sought-after product.
How to taste it: Great as a main course with rice or pasta, as a side dish, alone or with other vegetables as a second course, or combined with cuttlefish.