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These are two dairy products that characterize Mount Grappa. They obtained the DOP Certificate (Protected Designation of Origin), as well as the inclusion in the listing of Slow Food.

Morlacco cheese: When fresh it has a crust that is barely perceptible; with ripening it gets more consistent with a vibrant color, from strawberry to orange. A marked scent, milky, acidic with herbaceous notes. The aroma and the taste are intense with aromatic hints. It is the typical cheese of Monte Grappa’s region. The name is believed to date back to the Morlacchi people, shepherds of Dalmatian origin who settled here around 1200 A.C.

Bastard Cheese: Authentic delicacy of ancient tradition, produced exclusively with first quality milk collected on the pastures of Monte Grappa. It has a striped crust, dry and clean, a firm dough, and becomes a bit granular when aged. The scent is pleasing, herbal, flowery with a scent of hay.