ViviBike - Associazioni Sportive

Cycling and surroundings Vivike started in Veneto, region with great cycling traditions a cyclist association to take care by a new way of spending your holidays in mountain-bike.

What’s better for a cyclist than to ride through the hilly “Marca Gioiosa”? Vivibike in collaboration with the Consorzio di Promozione Turistica di Treviso promotes interest in bicycle excursions to discover the beauty of this unique land, among nature, traditions and culture.

The object of the association is to offer a complete service both for day tourists and holidaymakers. The cyclist participating in excursions can order a bicycle and helmet, accident insurance, technical help and especially one or more companion guides, chosen from experts of our cycles tracks.

Vivibike operate in the Mountain Community area of the Trevigiana Pre-Alps and Alto Livenza. The excursions are divided by grade of difficulty and travelling time, and are documented with a small map. To don’t forget they are available for all.

Via Martel, 51, Vittorio Veneto 31029