hike&fly experience
Sunday, 20 September 2020

A trekking and paragliding combination

Hike & Fly Experience 2020

Event post-poned from 29 August to 20 September

20 September, Valle Santa Felicita - Campeggia - Garden Relais

Don't miss this local hike & fly competition set in the Monte Grappa Flight Area and organized by Team ParaZoo and Volo Libero Montegrappa. Start in Valle Santa Felicita, up on foot to Campeggia take-off and then fly to Garden Relais landing in Semonzo del Grappa.

Three features to manage:

  • HIKE: 5 km (difference of height of 850 meters) to climb from Santa Felicita to Campeggia take-off (1080 m).
  • FLY: fly as much as you can, no hurry!
  • ACCURACY: accuracy landing will raise your score! We'll wait you at Garden Relais!

Three cathegories of participants:

  • Cat. A: equipment < 9kg
  • Cat. B: equipment > 9kg
  • Cat. C: no equipment (it will took up by the organization)

Pre-registration within 17 September.

Further info: click here.