Covid-19 Update

The latest update from Monte Grappa

Coronavirus alert: the situation


Italian borders are still open. 

There are different rules depending on the Country you have been on the 14 days before arrival in Italy.

This is a general update, we ask you to verify this information from official sources.

If you come from:

a) Vatican City and S.Marino: no restriction

b) Spain, Czech Republic, France, Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom: negative tampon required and compulsory self-declaration (download)

c) Rest of UE countries (except Romania), Schengen countries: no restriction but compulsory self-declaration (download)

d) Romania, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, New Zealand, Ruanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay: 14 days quarantine compulsory

e) Rest of the World: access only for health/work/urgent reasons, 14 days quarantine compulsory

f) Colombia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Armenia, Bahrein, Bangladesh, Bosnia Erzegovina, Brasil, Chile, Kuwait, North Macedonia, Moldova, Oman, Panama, Perù, Dominican Rep.: access denied

             *** Check the Official Italian Rules for entry our territory HERE

Please before coming also check the exit and return rules of your country.

European Re-Open Website to check international rules: click here

Our take-off and landing areas are OPEN.
Inside our areas (before and after flight) it is compulsory to respect the social distance of at least 2 meters, to wear a face mask and not to create gatherings.

Our Offices opening hours:

Info Point at Garden Relais Landing: open every day from 9am to 12pm (closed in case of bad weather)

Tourist Office at Piazza al Paradiso - Semonzo: open only by appointment

We are available by email or telephone to provide further information.

email: info(at) (general info) or flycard(at) (flycards, flight schools, lost&found...)

phone: +39 0423 910526 (only for emergencies)

Our partners: hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, shops, services are open and follow all the covid-19 prevention measures.

Useful information:

Behaviour Rules [they change very often, we try our best to provide you correct information]

Outdoor (e.g. take-off and landing areas, paths, streets...)

Mask is always compulsory. 
Exception: children under 6 years of age, people with disability, during sport activities, if you are alone, if you are with a cohabitant person.

Indoor (e.g. shops, restaurants, hotel halls...)

Wear a face mask, clean hands with specific detergent before entering, respect distance from other customers.
Please note, while seated you don't have to wear any mask.

Transport (e.g. shuttles, public transport...)

Follow the drivers indication about where to seat; wear a face mask, clean hands or wear gloves if required.

Are open and can provide meals to their guests. If they don't have a restaurant, meals can be deivered in the rooms from external restaurants.

Restaurants, cafès, ice-cream shops...
They can stay open from 5am to 6pm, after that they can provide food and drinks only through delivery or take-away service. It is forbidden to eat and drink outsides bars and restaurants.

Since October 24th swiming pools, gyms, museums, cineams and theatres are closed. Most of public events such as fairs and feasts are cancelled.

From 10pm to 5am it is compulsory to remain at home/at your accommodation.


Italian Government Official Coronavirus Web Page (in English). Click here.

FAQ (in English)

Health Ministery: click here

Foreign Ministery: click here

Our town official website: Comune di Borso del Grappa (take-off and landing area are located mostly in Borso, not in Bassano del Grappa).

We remind to anyone to follow the WHO guidelines. Click here.